Create Custom Image

You  can create your own inspirational images to add text on top using the custom image creator or also known as the "Meme Tool". You can customize the images by using the preloaded backgrounds available or by uploading a background image from your computer.

Step 1) On your intently page, click on the + sign at the lower right side and click on "Create Image".


Step 2) Select a background of your choice. If you wish to use your own background, follow the steps here.


Your selected image will load to this page.


Step 3) Type your custom text on your image, choose for the text to be white or black, then click "Pick a style."


Step 4) Choose from the image styles provided and click the "Create and add to channel" button


Step 5) Click on the channel you want it added. Your new image will be added to your channel in about a minute.




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