How To Subscribe To A Channel (Formerly Known As Vision Boards)

Subscribing to channels allows you to connect with other people who have similar interests as you, and see awesome content in your ad space without having to make your own channel from scratch. With the premium version, you can subscribe to both free and premium channels.

[NOTE: Channels used to be known as vision boards. Both words refer to the same thing.]

Step 1: Go to Channels.

Click here to go to Channels.

Step 2: Enter keywords in the search bar

Click in the search bar at the top and enter keywords of the channels you're interested in following and hit the "return" key on your keyboard. If you don't know what you want, you can choose from the trending tags that appear when you click in the search bar.




Step 3: Click on the Channels button

The first thing that will pop up after you search are Images, Channels, and Users related to your keywords. Scroll down until you see "Channels", then click on "View All" to see all free and premium channels that match your keyword search. Note: For free accounts, you can only subscribe to free channels unless you upgrade to Intently Pro.


Step 4: Search and select

Browse through the channels that match your keyword search. If you don't see any you like, try different keywords. If you do find a channel you like, click on the cover image to go to the channel.

Step 5: Subscribe

Click the green "Subscribe" button in the top right corner to subscribe yourself to the channel you chose.


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