Report a bug

First, check know which browser you're using. Firefox, Chrome, and Safari all work differently.

If you have any bugs, errors, or crash reports, send an email to using the following template:


Subject: Bug report

Title: In a sentence or two, describe the problem you're experiencing.

Browser and version: Let us know what browser and version you are using. Example - Chrome 43.0.2357.124 (64-bit) (find this out by following the instructions below)

Date and time:Include timezone and the time bug was experienced (if you know it)

Site: URL of the website you're experiencing the issue (if it's isolated to a specific website)

Description: Walk us through what you did and where the problem is so that we can recreate the problem on our computers.

Notes (optional): Add any further notes that will help us recreate, understand, or fix this bug.

Screenshots (optional): Attach any screenshots that are helpful in describing and understanding the problem.


 Thank you for helping us make Intently the best experience possible for all!


To find your browser version


Step 1: In your menu bar, navigate to and click on the appropriate About option.

Chrome:                                     Firefox:



Step 2: Locate the number on the page that loads

Chrome:                                            Firefox:


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