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First try our Troubleshooting Guide.


If you've already completed all the steps there, send us a bug report using the format below and our engineering team will get to the bottom of your issue.


Subject: Bug Report


Title: In a sentence or two, describe what the problem you're experiencing is.

Browser and version: Example - Chrome 43.0.2357.124 (64-bit)*

Date and time: Date and time - include timezone - bug was experienced (if you know it)

Site: URL of the website you're experiencing the issue (if it's isolated to a specific website)

Description: Walk us through what you did and where the problem is so that we can recreate the problem on our computers.

Notes (optional): Add any further notes that will help us recreate, understand, or fix this bug.

Screenshots (optional): Attach any screenshots that are helpful in describing and understanding the problem.

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