I want to see different content in my ad space than I do right now. How do I do that?

There are three ways you can add content to the stream of images Intently places in your ad space.

For starters, let me explain how the content on Intently is organized.

The stuff you see as you're browsing the web are called images.

Images are organized into channels on the Intently website.

Intently rotates through the images in all the channels you are subscribed to and pushes them into your ad space.

There are three main ways you can add content to your stream.

1) Subscribe to other channels

Our users have created thousands of channels with hundreds of thousands of images. When you find a channel that another user created, you can subscribe to their channels and have all the images in it pushed to your ad space. This is the quickest way to change up the content in your stream.

2) Let our intelligence software create a new channel for you by setting an intention

This is a new feature. Setting an intention is similar to setting a goal. When you set an intention such as "own my dream home," our intelligence software scans our image database for images that inspire you to achieve your intention. After it's made, you can then customize your new channel, taking out images that you don't like and adding ones that you do.

This is more customizable than just subscribing to other channels and is faster than creating your own from scratch. Click here to learn more about setting an intention.

3) Create your own channel

Start from scratch. Create your own channel with the images that inspire you to live the life of your dreams! You'll have total control of this channel and will be able to customize it exactly how you want it. This option takes the most time, but ultimately gives you the best results. All the images you add to this channel will be pushed to your ad space.

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