How do I add my own images to Intently from my computer?

1. Adding images from my computer
Step 1: Go to your Intently dashboard
Click here to go to your Intently dashboard.
Step 2: Click on the channel you'd like to add new content to OR create a new channel by following the steps here.
Step 3: Add your files

In the "Drop image files here or click to add" either click or drop the images you'd like to add to your channel.
Images must be under 4MB.
Step 4: Make sure they all upload properly
As the images load, you'll see a check sign on them. At this point, you are complete.
If you see an X, there is an error uploading your image. If the image is under 4MB, simply try reloading the page and uploading the image again. If it is over 4MB, reduce the file size to less than 4MB.
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