How to use Maia

1) To go through Maia and have your Intently Pro channel custom made for you, begin by going to your Intently dashboard here.

2) You will see a + sign on the bottom right, click on it and select 'Ask Maia'.


3) Follow the on screen instructions and answer Maia's questions until they're complete.

4) After completing the questionnaire, you will be redirected to the custom channel Maia have curated for you. 


5) You will also see the custom channel listed when you go to your dashboard. To go to your dashboard, click on the list icon at the bottom right and it will show the list of channels you've created and the channels you're subscribed into. 


6) You can now scroll through the channel Maia created for you and go through a different type of Maia channel to create a different one.

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